Naruto 696 Raw Spoiler – Sasuke’s Chance

14 Oct

Naruto already knows that he is stronger than Sasuke. Read Naruto 696 online scans and raws. Naruto Chapter 696 will be posted here.
Stay tuned as we will update Naruto 696 with Naruto 696 manga scans, raw, spoilers or predictions.

naruto manga 696

naruto manga 696

but he don’t even want to think that the only way to stop him is by killing him that’s the refering of i will not let u alone and that’s the only reason that’s confussing him in the begin of this fight that makes him like he is holding back, which means clearly that will not kill him but simply defeat him
Even though I understand the reasoning behind the flashbacks I still didn’t like them. We have seen the same panels over and over again. Just let them fight Kishi, anyone reading the fight now who doesn’t know the backstory of these two well….fuck em. Despite that the fight was pretty good, although the fist bump thing was silly and it made me miss Bee. Bad childhood made him what he was, but he was never evil or twisted until Tobi told him the truth. Then after talking with Itachi and Hashirama, Sasuke turned good once and for all, but has his own resolution based on his experiences. If Tobi can get into Heaven despite being an utter idiot and a fucktard, then Sasuke has a chance.

I guess talk no jutsu is probably better than seeing the dull fight. I hope we do see unseen flashbacks though, as a member mentioned. I’ve already taken those things into account hence my “four more chapters left what you going to do,” line. However, to me it just seemed like it was put in there as an afterthought more than anything else. It made sense due to the flashback but it just seemed a little off. Perhaps I’m making a big deal out of nothing, but I don’t know.


Naruto 689 – Naruto Chapter 689 Spoilers

13 Aug

Maybe more like no one being able Naruto 689  to use it here. Afterall we’ve only seen itachi using it he apparently didn’t pass on the info to Sasuke and I’m sure sasuke won’t even consider losing one eye for anything. Kakashi doesn’t know about it and probably can’t even pull it off even if he did. Madara is likely but well doesn’t seem like he’s available at the moment. It might also not work because its not senjustu powered.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

Frankly don’t see something like that working on her Anyways.It’s a plot device used to end the fight quickly, as Kishi apparently didn’t want to take the time to show how skilled Itachi was, as no one would be able to top that. plus, who’d use Izanami on Kaguya or Zetsu? I doubt Kakashi can, and I don’t think Sasuke would risk losing his eye when he knows he’s up against the mother of the Sage who was the origin of Sharingan. I mean, Kaguya seems to change the environment and travel between dimensions “easily,” as well as add gravity and remove it. If Madara is brought back to life and doesn’t do it, no one else will. That still does not make Kamui his technique. It is Obito’s technique. No one is taking his moniker away from him either. The issue here is Susanoo.

Even if one wants to argue his mastery over the eye he was given. He never did the same with the one Obito had, because he himself never had it. Obito had them both and just spent the last however long of his life using them in conjunction with one another.

And once again, utilization. Let’s not forget the fact that Madara literally chose not to use the techniques because it would make his fighting style look sloppy. This is stated. So Madara made the choice not to use those techniques because he wouldn’t look pretty if he did. Let’s also not forget the fact that Obito claimed to be able to use the soul ripping ability. Standards of the eyes, not Nagato’s techniques.

Naruto 658 – Naruto Manga 658 Chapter

10 Dec

If Madara wasn’t able to sense it was Sasuke from before, Get naruto 658 chapter of the manga today while the naruto 658 scans English version were out on Wednesday. then he wouldn’t have let him attack him. As it could’ve been anyone who attack him. He also “looks” up on Sasuke when he is on Sai’s bird even though Madara is blind. Madara already sensed Sasuke and would most likely have sensed his Sharingan, thus he had no reason to willingly let Sasuke hit him.

naruto 658 scans

naruto 658 scans

[Obito is shown smirking proudly while dying ]
Madara’s wood clone: Summoning no technique: Gedo Mazou !
[Obito’s stomach burns as he is shown in great pain in his last moment he turns his face to his side where Kakashi binded by wood dragon is shown heavily breathing]
[Tear forms in Obito’s eye as he looks on with sadness]
[Gedo Mazou appears next to Madara’s wood clone]
Madara’s wood clone: It is done, *now I will unsummon it and join rest !*
[Gedo Mazou disappear in puff of smoke]
[Madara’s wood clone dissapears as well in puff smoke]

Kakashi: He… ha (look at Obito with powerlessnes and sad expression), I am sorry Obito…
Obito: It is ok, Kakashi. At least I repayed for my crimes… I think that maybe I will meet Rin someday
Obito: Farewell *Kakashi, Sensei, Naruto and everyone* (smiles as his head fall on ground and he closes his eyes )
[The scene shows Madara’s wood clone appearing next to eight of them as they pull of one of their arms from ground while holding with another one Hachibi chakra avatar…,]
[Madara’s wood clone absorbs fully Hachibi chakra avatar.]
[All of Nine wood clones rush where Naruto and Minato are fighting against Hashirama]
[Real Madara in Senin mode is shown crushing Sasuke along with his Pefect Sussano into ground.]

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