Naruto 671 – Naruto 671 Chapter

1 Apr

Aside from attacking Ashura naruto 671 there’s no evidence that Indra ever went after innocent people
or maybe Ashura went after Indra to force him to obey his orders …. this is another possibility and was common even in our time , governments force everyone to accept thier authority or else , they will show no mercy to who does not accept it …

anyway , all of us knew that Ashura path failed to achieve peace …. Hashirama (Ashura ) become sole super power of world for 20 years but what happened !? nothing …

Hagomoro is a moron if he thought his ninshu and Ashura way is enough to make peace …

naruto manga 671

naruto manga 671

Ever since Tobi told the story of the Sage and his sons I’ve been waiting for a connection to be made between the sons and Naruto and Sasuke. I can’t say I was expecting them to be their reincarnations though. I’m not 100% happy with it since Naruto has always had a really strong sense of identity and now it’s like his personality and everything he’s done was predestined because he’s Ashura’s reincarnation. I think reincarnation stories only work if the people have very distinct personalities. On the plus side it means in another life Naruto was the Sage’s son and Indra’s brother (who I’m assuming is Sasuke now). And he was one of the people who invented ninjutsu. He’s definitely going to be a leader of the ninja world now and bring about peace. Although it sucks that wars have been waged for centuries because the reincarnated brothers just can’t get over it. Epic sibling rivalry.

I have two theories on what the sage will give Naruto, 1 a huge boost of ninshuu (spelling?) or 2 the other half of the 10 tails. I think the first is most likely because we know that the Sage gave Ashura his power on his death bed and he might recreate that moment in every one of his reincarnations, since he said he’s talked to Naruto’s predecessor and I assume Ashura’s reincarnation always wins. We also don’t know what ninshuu is, how it’s used and so on, so having Naruto get it will show us. Also, I’m only theorising that the 10 tails was cut half because the Sage said he and his brother fought and sealed 10 tails inside themselves and since there were two of them it’d be difficult for them both to seal it inside them if it wasn’t.
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Naruto 670 – Naruto 670 Chapter

24 Mar

A temporary stall against an opponent naruto 670 who is fighting on a time limit is called a legit strategy. It doesn’t matter that the attack stalls him temporarily because the entire FIGHT is only temporary. We seen that a version of Shinra Tensei can be endure. But we’ve also seen that Shinra Tensei can be launched in varying degrees of power. 6 tailed Naruto, or Naruto’s clones, wouldn’t have blocked the same ST that defeated 3 giant frog summons for example.
Except when the time limit is longer then a few seconds, as is clearly the case here. Gai at the very least has been fighting for at least a minute and doesn’t appear close to reaching the limit of the final gate. And thought that was more due to them being in the air then any strength of the blast, since there was no long cooldown afterward.

naruto manga 670

naruto manga 670

Gai didn’t simply increase a single thing, all of his abilities got a massive increased. So claiming that it’s only like Spiderman increasing the power of his webbing doesn’t work, especially since there’s more to Spiderman then just that. As I said before, it would be more like Spiderman gaining the Uni-Power again, which increased all his powers. He was strong enough to fight the Hulk and throw him in space, he also gained the ability to fly superfast, and other stuff, like molecular manipulation. So Spiderman with the Uni-Power, a manifestation of the Universe itself, could beat the Silver Surfer, or at the very least fight evenly with him. Madara with no eyes vs the 9 bijus + Naruto, are you serious? Naruto (with Kurama) assuming he would use the full extent of his powers could solo ALL the villages PUT TOGEDER. EMS Madara SHOULD lose to Naruto (with Kurama), add the other bijus and Madara having no eyes and it makes perfect sense… Now Gai opening some stupid Gates? No. The power gap from 7 to 8 is completely retarded. Kishi just decided to have a little bit of fan service with Gai.
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Naruto 669 Raw – Gaara takes it slow

18 Mar

Maybe he could get someĀ naruto 669 Byakugan and put them in his eyes and get the rinnegan that way too hehe, or one and one. That would be pretty boss. They could shut down all his tenketsu and make madara a regular person again. Either way its gonne be a slow road to recovery for Naruto, he can’t just jump back up from death like it was nothing, even Gaara had to take it slow for a little bit. Guy better buy some more time. You think Madara could get into the other dimension too?

naruto manga 669

naruto manga 669

My ninja MIGHT GUY!!!! Nice chap bump what u heard, i am glad that we got a lil back story on KOHANA finest!!! I never thought we would see GUY pops MIGHT DAI so that was pretty cool Seeing were the energy inspiration come from lol and that he wasn’t always so jokey. Still don’t make his death be in vain KISH i hope he makes MADARA remember his name.

It was cool seeing the 7SOTM as well and RAIGA from the filler epi lol. Looks like DAI took out maybe 2 of the 7 maybe?? the ninja holding HIRAMEKAREI the sword we know CHOUJUUROU 2 carry and the ninja carrying ZABUZA DECAPITATING BLADE who speaks. Crazy cause he looks like he is ZABUZA pops as well. It would have been cool for GUY 2 have said something about SWORDSMAN while battling them but we know how he is with faces. At least he got a lil payback fighting them and also my ninja killer KISAME.
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