Naruto 689 – Naruto Chapter 689 Spoilers

13 Aug

Maybe more like no one being able Naruto 689  to use it here. Afterall we’ve only seen itachi using it he apparently didn’t pass on the info to Sasuke and I’m sure sasuke won’t even consider losing one eye for anything. Kakashi doesn’t know about it and probably can’t even pull it off even if he did. Madara is likely but well doesn’t seem like he’s available at the moment. It might also not work because its not senjustu powered.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

Frankly don’t see something like that working on her Anyways.It’s a plot device used to end the fight quickly, as Kishi apparently didn’t want to take the time to show how skilled Itachi was, as no one would be able to top that. plus, who’d use Izanami on Kaguya or Zetsu? I doubt Kakashi can, and I don’t think Sasuke would risk losing his eye when he knows he’s up against the mother of the Sage who was the origin of Sharingan. I mean, Kaguya seems to change the environment and travel between dimensions “easily,” as well as add gravity and remove it. If Madara is brought back to life and doesn’t do it, no one else will. That still does not make Kamui his technique. It is Obito’s technique. No one is taking his moniker away from him either. The issue here is Susanoo.

Even if one wants to argue his mastery over the eye he was given. He never did the same with the one Obito had, because he himself never had it. Obito had them both and just spent the last however long of his life using them in conjunction with one another.

And once again, utilization. Let’s not forget the fact that Madara literally chose not to use the techniques because it would make his fighting style look sloppy. This is stated. So Madara made the choice not to use those techniques because he wouldn’t look pretty if he did. Let’s also not forget the fact that Obito claimed to be able to use the soul ripping ability. Standards of the eyes, not Nagato’s techniques.

Naruto 658 – Naruto Manga 658 Chapter

10 Dec

If Madara wasn’t able to sense it was Sasuke from before, Get naruto 658 chapter of the manga today while the naruto 658 scans English version were out on Wednesday. then he wouldn’t have let him attack him. As it could’ve been anyone who attack him. He also “looks” up on Sasuke when he is on Sai’s bird even though Madara is blind. Madara already sensed Sasuke and would most likely have sensed his Sharingan, thus he had no reason to willingly let Sasuke hit him.

naruto 658 scans

naruto 658 scans

[Obito is shown smirking proudly while dying ]
Madara’s wood clone: Summoning no technique: Gedo Mazou !
[Obito's stomach burns as he is shown in great pain in his last moment he turns his face to his side where Kakashi binded by wood dragon is shown heavily breathing]
[Tear forms in Obito's eye as he looks on with sadness]
[Gedo Mazou appears next to Madara's wood clone]
Madara’s wood clone: It is done, *now I will unsummon it and join rest !*
[Gedo Mazou disappear in puff of smoke]
[Madara's wood clone dissapears as well in puff smoke]

Kakashi: He… ha (look at Obito with powerlessnes and sad expression), I am sorry Obito…
Obito: It is ok, Kakashi. At least I repayed for my crimes… I think that maybe I will meet Rin someday
Obito: Farewell *Kakashi, Sensei, Naruto and everyone* (smiles as his head fall on ground and he closes his eyes )
[The scene shows Madara's wood clone appearing next to eight of them as they pull of one of their arms from ground while holding with another one Hachibi chakra avatar...,]
[Madara's wood clone absorbs fully Hachibi chakra avatar.]
[All of Nine wood clones rush where Naruto and Minato are fighting against Hashirama]
[Real Madara in Senin mode is shown crushing Sasuke along with his Pefect Sussano into ground.]

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One Piece 731 Manga – One Piece 731 Chapter

9 Dec

Zoro having short fight with Fujitora One Piece 731 spoiler, one piece manga 731 raw chapter and summaries. This post will be updated with one piece chapter 731 English and one piece 731 scans as soon as they become available, so if they aren’t up yet, keep checking back often.
almost loosing second eye? Incredibly badass thing to happen. As for Sanji vs Big Moms ship I have mixed feelings but I trust Oda. After last weak there was ready scenario in my head about Sanji rescuing Violet by beating Trebol to pulp. Now they are yet going for Zou. As I previously wrote few weeks ago I do think that there is Shanks on Zou waiting and that Kinemon wanted to get there to ask Yonko for help in exchange for part of Wanokunis wealth as Wa is probably occupied by Kaidos crew or even Kaido himself is there. Law might have gotten into some pact with Shanks. Having Yonko protect you is in my opinion only way to stop Brokers and Doflamingo to come and get Cesar. After Luffy beating up Doflamingo he would be confirmed great pirate and then he and Shanks can meet up as promise was fullfiled. Returning to Sanji subject- Kidd managed to sink 2 Big Mom ships not so long ago and thats reason why while I am slightly dissapointed that Sanji will not be comming to Dressrosa now yet I do think that this will do for now and Oda will deliver so to say. Hope that Big Mom isnt idiot and that she sended somebody who can put up a good fight, not showcase of another SH underestimation again. Interesting that Kinemon was able to not instantly die I considered him nothing special after he was cut to pieces by Law at PH, then when Law cut even Vergo up I was wondering how strong Kinemon might be. He gotten some level up in my eyes after he was able to… well not die instantly against Joker.

As for people starting to complain and compare Sanji vs Doflamingo to Zoro vs Fujitora, Doflamingo using his strings to slash attack enemy is like using 5 swords for one slash. You can dodge one or two yet to dodge 5 at same moment at different heights is something possible to avoid only with “soruing” your ass away. Sanji was suprised first time as he didnt knew powers of Doflamingo. After Doflamingo seen Sanjis durability and strength he immobilized him with same move as Jozu back in Marineford War and went straight for the kill with Over Heat. Before with Vergo we seen Sanji in damaged body did well against Vergo, his only mistake was to underestimate Vergos hardness by traing to block his kick(maybe he wanted Vergo to break a leg??? ironically). Zoro had swordsman against him this chapter and while stronger he had right tools to block him and reflexes barely good enough to save eye at last moment. It would be great if more people instead of bashing Sanji and seeing One Piece fights like guy on right.

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